Lumosity - Brain Training App Reviews

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I love it

Is an easy time to have fun and exercise your brain.


This app is so cool

Using it for a long time now i can only say awesome.

For the update i would wish for something for audible reation based, because my eyes are really getting good, but hearing not so fast. Would love a game for that.


Id love to know how I rank against all users It is great to know where I am against people in my age bracket but I would like to see how that relates to younger people overall



Pretty good

Helps with Memory and reaction time. I beat someone in Egyptian rat screw for the first time. So theres that


Ive had two brain surgeries in this is a game that I Love a dear friend of mine got me playing it I have family and friends that now plant and my sister is extremely happy with me when I do really well on this game thank you so much!!!!

Awesome but..............

I love Lumosity and all the games are so challenging and fun but not impossible and its always fun to check your LPI, but with a free account you can only do the games it wants you to do that day. I think the funcion that reminds you to train is cool so I would get it but know that if you are going to have a free account you might not want to do it as much so

Great time!

Lots of challenges to keep you going on and on.


Great. Fun and challenging. Great for seniors

Challenging, Free app with daily game limit

Just started using it for the third day and it seems like it will be a good mental exercise routine to do daily. Im using the free version which seems to have a limit on how often I can practice per game per day, it would be more informative if it would explain how this limit of game play is going to be helpful; perhaps it is a way to get people to buy the full version.

No updates

They promise to add more games when you buy it and they dont even care


I just started the app but so far is somewhat challenging, and fun. No problem , you will enjoy


Had this over a year ago and enjoyed it but then life got busy, got a new phone and forgot about it. Came across it again in an ad and downloaded the app. Happy to be playing again. Fun quick games that give me a break and are always challenging me.


Lots of fun and addictive my whole family just started this

Great help for memory

Great for helping with attention and memory!!

Smart start

I love playing my challenges in the morning to give my brain a good workout, I think its the best way to start up the day and the thinking power. I was terrible at math but with playing raindrops Ive noticed a substantial improvement with my on the spot math. I like to run and workout because makes me and my body feel great and now I have a way to workout my brain and make that feel great too. I would recommend Lumosity to anyone and everyone! THANKS LUMOSITY

Engaging games that are good for you

Have had this app for 2 weeks or so. So far the games are really engaging, make you work hard but have fun while doing it. Seems like access is limited to only certain games


Ive used Lumosity since it was first released and immediately felt my mind sharpen more and more. I had a free account for years but purchased a lifetime membership on Black Friday and its waay better than the free version- a ton more games and options that keeps my mind from plateauing from the same repetition. DEVELOPERS: Please create a "Top 3 Score of the Day/Week/Month/Year" scoreboard for each game to create healthy competition among the users. You dont necessarily have to include the other users names, etc, but I know that I would try harder and therefore have more improvement if I werent so isolated in my training. Also, please explore some rhythm-based games! Thanks for the amazing experience, I recommend it to everyone.


Great app!

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