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Lumosity: Brain Trainer for iPhone Video Review

Review: Lumosity brings brain training exercises to your iPhone to help you improve your focus ...

Lumosity Brain Trainer Iphone App Review 1869

Lumosity Review: a fun Brain Training app with dubious Transfer Effects

My review after 3 months of brain training with the paid version of Lumosity. Since I've logged so many hours Dual N-Back brain training, I'm going to draw a lot ...

Training Your Brain with Lumosity!

Steve's got a New Year's resolution to get his brain whipped into shape with brain-training from Lumosity! Want to improve your own brain's skills? Sign up for ...

Lumosity | App Review | Brain Game

Train your memory and attention. Used by over 60 million people worldwide, Lumosity creates a Training Program that challenges your brain. SCIENCE ...

Elevate - App Preview

Elevate is a new type of brain training tool that helps you do the following: - Speak more articulately - Write more effectively - Focus while reading and listening ...

►5 Best Brain Training Apps Android 2015

5 Best Brain Training Apps Android 2015 # Eidetic Eidetic: a person able to form or recall vividness and detail of an images. Improve your memory with Eidetic.

Lumosity for iPhone & iPad: Brain Training

More iPhone Apps for Brain Training: This video covers Lumosity's premium brain ...

Lumosity Brain Trainer for iOS

Lumosity Brain Trainer provides you with brain exercises to make you sharper and improve your problem solving skills. More on:

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